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iOS v2.2.7 (3) (30.09.2022): Certificate Update Exp30.9.23
iOS v2.2.7 (2) (28.09.2021): Updated for iOS15
iOS v2.2.6 (1) (07.05.2021): New Release
Android v1.0.15 (1) (07.05.2021): New Release

Step 1: Install App

Install / Update App

From your phone or tablet click "Install App" button above.
Check if the app finished installing by clicking 'home' button on your phone/tablet.

Step 2: Trusting Enterprise Developer

You only need to do this step once on your device to make sure your apps are installed from trusted sources.

1. On the device, launch the app, and in the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” dialog that appears, click Cancel.
This step adds Device Management to Settings.

2. Tap Settings > General > Device Management.

3. Under Enterprise App, tap the organization name.

4. Tap Trust “Claromentis Ltd”, In the dialog that appears, tap Trust.

Download Files

Download build files for your own Enterprise Mobile Deployment.

iOS .ipa Android .apk